First Lutheran Church

Amery, WI


Electrical Rebuild of a 2 manual Moller pipe organ

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Here is the back of the organ console prior to having all the old components removed.  This is a typical electro-pneumatic Moller console with all the complex switching and pneumatic systems.


Front view of the console.  A new stoprail will be installed with new electric stop action magnets and new engraved stop tabs.  The original ivory keyboards are in good condition and will be retained after cleaning.


Here's the console after removal of all the old equipment. 


Here is one of the manual keyboards with the new electrical contacts installed.  The unit to the right with the black and white screws is the new contact assembly.


Here is the new contact rail for the pedal board.  Its made of laminated wood and curved to match the curve of the pedalboard.  The small brown blocks are the new contact blocks.


Here is the new contact rail in place on the pedalboard. 


Here is one of the jumper cables which will connect the new relay to the existing cable junctions.  There is one cable like this for each rank of pipes.  The pen are left center is used to run the cables.  The wire is coated with a nylon coating which melts with the heat of the soldering iron.  It is fed through the pen and the cable is strung one wire at a time.


This is the relay panel which replaces the current electro-mechanical relay system.  This will be installed in the organ chamber to control the pipes according to the new stoplist.


Here is the new tablet board with the new stop tabs and stop action magnets installed.


All is complete in the shop.  Here is the console with the new stop rail, pistons, and control panel installed.  Now we're off to Amery to make some music.