First United Methodist Church

Jamestown, ND

    This project consists of the rebuilding of a 3 manual 31 rank Wicks organ.  The oldest parts of the instrument date to 1919 with a rebuild and expansion in 1971.  The electrical system was replaced as part of that rebuild but in recent years has been giving substantial problems with dead notes and dead stops due to contact failure.  The desire was also expressed to have the overall tone of the organ broadened as the 1971 rebuild resulted in a very bright and top heavy sound.  The Swell and Choir diapasons will be restored to 8' pitch rather than 4' and the great mixture repitched an octave lower. 

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We picked up the console and the relay cabinets from the church and headed back to the shop to start work.


Ther first step is to remove all the old wiring and machinery from the relay cabinets and console.  The new solid-state components will be installed in the existing relay cabinets and wired up to the unique Wicks cotter-pin junction board at the upper left.

The console has been cleaned out.  The empty shell is to the right with the manuals and stop jambs in the background.  The old coupler switches and wiring harness are on the floor to the left.


Now we start putting stuff back together.

The manuals have been drilled out for the new complement of memory/control buttons (pistons) and the stop jambs (upper right/lower left) have been cleaned out and had additional holes drilled to accomodate the additional stops.  The new electrical contacts (white and black at the back end of the keys) have also been installed.


The new coupler rail and back panel are being fitted to the console.  This slots above the top keyboard will house the coupler tabs.

"The Specs"


For the restoration and expansion of a

3 manual and pedal pipe organ

located in

First United Methodist Church

Jamestown, ND

  1. Remove the existing organ console and transport it to the Moe Pipe Organ Company where the following work will be done.

    1. Install new stop action magnets along with new engraved draw knobs in the present side jambs to control the new stop list.

    2. Install new coupler rail and music rack with stop controls for the couplers in order to provide more room for additional stops in the side jambs.

    3. Install a new solid-state combination memory system with new key slips and pistons as follows

      1. 6 pistons affecting the Swell stops

        1. Swell Cancel piston

      2. 6 pistons affecting the Great stops

        1. Great Cancel piston

      3. 6 pistons affecting the Choir stops

        1. Choir Cancel piston

      4. 6 pistons affecting the Pedal stops duplicated by toestuds

        1. Pedal Cancel piston and toestud

      5. 12 General pistons affecting the entire organ 7-12 duplicated by toestuds

        1. General Cancel piston

      6. Great to Pedal Reversible piston and toestud

      7. Swell to Pedal Reversible piston and toestud

      8. Choir to Pedal Reversible piston and toestud

      9. Swell to Great Reversible piston

      10. Choir to Great Reversible piston

      11. Celestes Off Reversible piston

      12. Sforzando Reversible piston and toestud

        1. Sforzando indicator lamp

      13. Multiple memory levels

    4. Install new contacts on the present manual keyboards

    5. Install new contacts and mounting rail on the present pedal board

    6. Install new solid-state coupler and MIDI system with the following features.

      1. MIDI system including the following.

        1. MIDI Sustain Toestud

      2. 12 position transposer

    7. Install new solid-state rectifier (console power supply)

  2. Deliver the rebuilt console to the church and install along with the following.

    1. New solid-state relay system to operate the present pipes according to the new stoplist.

    2. New solid-state rectifier (organ power supply)

    3. New larger static bellows in the blower room to reduce the amount of wind sag that is heard when cull combinations of stops are played.

  3. Make the following tonal additions and changes to round out the stoplist of the organ and bring the “pitch center” of the organ down to around 8' pitch rather than 4'.

    1. Re-pitch the Great mixture to 2’ pitch and revoice to make it blend better with the Great Principal chorus.

    2. Install a new 8' Geigen Principal of 12 pipes and windchest in the Choir to extend the present 4' Geigen Octave and provide 8' principal tone for the Choir.

    3. Install new 8' Principal of 12 pipes and windchest in the Swell extending the present 4' Principal and providing 8' principal tone for the swell

    4. Include a stop called 8' Diapason to play the Pedal 16' Principal at 8' pitch on the Great. This will provide another “principal” type sound for the great that will be a bit louder and fuller than the present Great Principal.

    5. Include a stop called 32' Resultant in the pedal. This is derived from two existing pipes playing together and requires no additional pipework..

New Stoplist

Stops in bold print are only available if the corresponding

option is included in the project.

Great Organ

16' Contra Bass

8’ Diapason (pd)

8’ Principal 61 pipes

8’ Bourdon 61 pipes

8’ Hohl Flute (1-12 from Bourdon) 49 pipes

8’ Salicional (sw)

8’ Voix Celeste TC (sw)

8’ Dulciana (ch)

8’ Unda Maris TC (ch)

4’ Octave 61 pipes

4’ Wald Flute 12 pipes

2 2/3' Twelfth

2’ Super Octave 61 pipes

III Mixture 183 pipes

8' Trompette (sw)




Swell Organ

16’ Lieblich Gedeckt

8’ Principal 61 pipes

8’ Stopped Flute 61 pipes

8’ Salicional 61 pipes

8’ Voix Celeste TC 49 pipes

4’ Octave 12 pipes

4’ Flute d’Amour 61 pipes

2 2/3’ Nazard 61 pipes

2’ Flach Flote 61 pipes

1 3/5’ Tierce TC 37 pipes

16’ Contra Trompette 12 pipes

8’ Trompette 61 pipes

8' Hautbois TC 49 pipes

4’ Clairon

4’ Hautbois Clairon 12 pipes



Choir Organ

16’ Dolce TC

8’ Geigen Diapason 61 pipes

8’ Holz Gedeckt 61 pipes

8' Concert Flute (1-12 gedeckt)

8’ Dulciana 61 pipes

8’ Unda Maris TC 49 pipes

4’ Geigen Octave 12 pipes

4’ Harmonic Flute 61 pipes

2 2/3' Quint

2’ Nacht Horn 61 pipes

1 1/3’ Larigot

1' Sifflote

III Cymbal 183 pipes

8’ Cor Anglais 61 pipes






Pedal Organ

32’ Resultant

16’ Open Diapason 32 pipes

16’ Bourdon 32 pipes

16’ Lieblich Gedeckt 12 pipes

8’ Principal Bass 12 pipes

8' Open Bass (gt)

8' Octave (sw)

8’ Gedeckt 12 pipes

8’ Gemshorn 32 pipes

4’ Choral Bass 12 pipes

4’ Flute 12 pipes

II Grave Mixture 2 2/3'


16' Contra Trompette (sw)


8’ Trompette (sw)

4’ Clairon (sw)

4' Hautbois (sw0




Great to Pedal 8’

Great to Pedal 4’

Swell to Pedal 8’

Swell to Pedal 4’

Choir to Pedal 8’

Choir to Pedal 4’

Great to Great 16’

Great Unison Off

Great to Great 4’

Swell to Great 16’

Swell to Great 8’

Swell to Great 4’

Choir to Great 16’

Choir to Great 8’

Choir to Great 4’

Automatic Pedal

Swell to Swell 16’

Swell Unison Off

Swell to Swell 4’

Choir to Swell 8’

Choir to Choir 16’

Choir Unison Off

Choir to Choir 4’

Swell to Choir 16’

Swell to Choir 8’

Swell to Choir 4’

Great/Choir Transfer

Analysis of Pipework

Division Name Pipes Location

Pedal 16’ Diapason 68 1-12 great, 13-68 choir

Pedal 16’ Bourdon 56 Choir

Pedal 8’ Gemshorn 32 Choir

Swell 16’ Lieblich Gedeckt 73 Swell

Swell 8’ Salicional 61 Swell

Swell 8’ Voix Celeste TC 49 Swell

Swell 8’ Principal 73 Swell

Swell 4’ Flute d’Amour 61 Swell

Swell 2 2/3’ Nasat 61 Swell

Swell 2’ Flach Flote 61 Swell

Swell 1 3/5’ Tierce TC 37 Swell

Swell 16’ Trompette 73 Swell

Swell 4’ Hautbois 61 Swell

Great 8’ Principal 61 Great

Great 8’ Bourdon 61 Great

Great 4’ Octave 61 Great

Great 4’ Wald Flute 61 Great

Great 2’ Super Octave 61 Great

Great III Mixture – Rk 1 61 Great

Great III Mixture – Rk 2 61 Great

Great III Mixture – Rk 3 61 Great

Great Chimes 21 Choir

Choir 8’ Holz Gedeckt 61 Choir

Choir 8’ Dulciana 61 Choir

Choir 8’ Unda Maris TC 49 Choir

Choir 8’ Geigen Principal 73 Choir

Choir 4’ Flute Harmonic 61 Choir

Choir 2’ Nacht Horn 61 Choir

Choir III Cymbal 183 Choir

Choir 8’ Cor Anglais 61 Choir