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Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church - Fargo, ND - Project Blog

     New 26 rank Swell and Great divisions for 3 manual Rodgers organ

Farmington Lutheran Church -Farmington, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     2/15 Wicks organ relocated with new electrical

Grace Lutheran Church - Fargo, ND - Completed - Project Blog

     New stop tabs and Hauptwerk digital for 1920's Wangerin.

St. Michael's Catholic Church - Buckman, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     New electrical system and cleaning of 1920's Reuter.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Alexandria, MN - Completed

     New electrical system and digital voices.

St. James Episcopal Church - Fergus Falls, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     New chest action and electrical for a 1920's Moller pipe organ.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church - Detroit Lakes, MN - Completed - Project Blog - More Pics

     New 4 manual pipe/digital hybrid with 64 ranks of pipes.

First United Methodist Church of the St. Cloud Region - St. Cloud, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     Relocation of Wicks organ from previous church to new facility including new electrical, and significant tonal additions

First United Methodist Church - Jamestown, ND - Completed- Project Blog

     New electrical system and tonal additions

Immanuel Lutheran Church - Atwater, MN - Completed

     Re-actioning of failing electro-pneumatic windchests

Roseau Free Lutheran Church - Roseau, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     Hauptwerk organ with 6 ranks of pipes and decorative gothic facades

St. Anthony's Catholic Church - Watkins, MN  - Completed - Project Blog

     New electrical system and cleaning for a 1920s Wicks organ.

Basilica of St. Mary - Minneapolis, MN - Completed - Project Blog

     Removal of Great division for ceiling repair.

Immanuel Lutheran Church - Wadena, MN - Contracted - Project Blog

     New 24 rank organ comprising the current Schlicker and a selection of new and vintage ranks.  New casework.

Immanuel Lutheran Church - Atwater, MN - Completed

     Cleaning and new pedal contacts for a 2 manual pipe organ

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church - Roseville, MN - Completed

     Cleaning of a 2 manual Moller/Wicks/Orvold organ with revoicing to increase volume of Swell organ

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Sleepy Eye, MN - Completed- Project Blog

    New electrical system and cleaning for a 3 manual Wicks organ

Free Lutheran Church - Roseau, MN - Completed - Project Blog

    6 ranks of pipes with Hauptwerk.

First Lutheran Church - Amery, WI - Completed - Project Blog

    New electrical system and console rebuild

St. John's University - Collegeville, MN - Completed - Project Blog

    Expansion and updating of a 2 manual Wicks organ

First Lutheran Church - Amor, MN - Completed - Project Blog

    New Great division of pipework with windchests and casework.  This division will be controlled by a 2 manual Rodgers digital organ

United Methodist Church - Ely, MN - COMPLETED- Project Blog

    New windchest and new electrical system

Grace Lutheran Church - Erskine, MN - Completed -  Project Blog

    New solid-state electrical system, new trumpet windchest, and re-engineering

St. Gabriel's Catholic Church - Fulda, MN - Completed -  Project Blog

    New solid-state electrical system, cleaning, and console refinishing.

St. Peter's Catholic Church - North St. Paul, MN - Completed - Project Blog

    New 6 rank Great division with twin facades incorporating the 16' Principal pipes.  These pipes are controlled by a 4 manual Rodgers digital organ.

Trinity Lutheran Church - Thief River Falls, MN - COMPLETED - Project Blog

    New solid-state electrical system, new electric chest action, cleaning, revoicing.

Basilica of Saint Mary - Minneapolis, MN - COMPLETED - Project Blog - Additional Pics

    This project included complete cleaning of the organ, repair of damaged pipes, bellows repair, and installation of a new console, relays, and several ranks of pipes provided by the Wicks Organ Company, the original builder of this grand instrument.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Atwater, MN - COMPLETED - Project Blog

    This organ was removed from the church and taken back to our shop for complete re-engineering.  A new bass offset windchest was constructed to replace numerous second-hand windchests.  A new solid-state coupler and relay system was built to replace the previous home-made system.

St. John's Lutheran Church - Good Thunder, MN - COMPLETED

    Installation of a Wicks Royal Classic digital organ and connection to 4 ranks of existing pipes.  New chime action.

Emanuel Lutheran Church - Hamburg, MN - COMPLETED

    New solid-state electrical system and cleaning.

St. James Lutheran Church - Howard Lake, MN - COMPLETED - Project Blog

    Complete re-engineering, console refinishing, and installation of Wicks-built additions.

First Lutheran Church - Taylors Falls, MN - COMPLETED - Project Blog

    New 19 rank pipe organ - MP3's of this organ's dedication recital available at the project blog link.

United Methodist Church - Redwood Falls, MN


United Methodist Church - Fairfax, MN

    Installation of solid-state electrical system built by Wicks, cleaning, new swell motors, and new grille cloth.

First Congregational Church - Wadena, MN - Project Blog

    New solid-state electrical system, cleaning, new electric chest action, re-engineering, new chime action, revoicing.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Jordan, MN - Project Blog

    installation of Wicks-built solid-state electrical system, bellows repair, new blower.

St. John's Lutheran Church - St. Paul, MN

    New swell motors, new solid-state electrical system, future casework and future tonal work.

Riverside Lutheran Church - Wannaska, MN

    New 15 rank pipe organ.  Picture on new organs page.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church - Tabor, MN

    New stop knobs and automatic pedal

Mount Saint Benedict Monastery - Crookston, MN

    New stop actions, bellows releather, and rectifier.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church - East Grandforks, MN

    Cleaning and tonal finishing.

St. James Catholic Church - Forest City, IA

    Cleaning and tonal finishing.

First Presbyterian Church - Jackson, MN

    Installation of Wicks-built relays, cleaning, tonal finishing.

St. Helena's Catholic Church - Minneapolis, MN

    Installation of new 16' Bassoon.  Pipes built by Wicks.

Holy Cross Catholic Church - Minneapolis, MN

    Installation of new swell motors and pedalboard by Wicks, bellows releathering, cleaning, and reed revoicing.

Valley Community Presbyterian Church - Golden Valley, MN - Project Blog

    Relocated organ from Oliver Presbyterian - Minneapolis with new curved facade chest and newly painted facade pipes.  Complete re-engineering of organ in to challenging curved chamber space.

St. Cecelia's Catholic Church - Nashwauk, MN

    Installation of Wicks-built solid state electrical system

St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church - Okabena, MN

    Tonal finishing

East Side Community Lutheran Church - St. Paul, MN

    Cleaning and tonal finishing

Salem Lutheran Church - Stillwater, MN

    Cleaning and new swell motor

St. Ann's Catholic Church - Wadena, MN

    Console relocated with new setter-board combination action